Want a healthy, tasty snack?

Sabine Meuter ANN/THE STAR – If you are seeking a tasty snack while trying to steer clear of chocolate, then the good news is that at least there are more options out there, from protein and muesli bars to fruit bars and energy balls. All promise to be a healthier alternative to chocolate, with many … Read more

What’s the ‘longevity’ diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You may have heard about the longevity diet, and its promise of an extended life span — but what exactly is it and is it any different to other diets promoting good health? The longevity diet is a set of eating recommendations compiled by a biochemist called Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern … Read more

Intermittent fasting, keto or high protein, which diet plan will work for you? | Health

Learning to eat well may initially need a diet – a series of diets that will be the bridge that finally leads you to a potent changed lifestyle that you can carry on forever hence, the diet you choose will have to be a good one. When health experts say good, they actually mean ‘apt’ … Read more

Do You Know Protein Intake Is Related To Your Cravings? Here’s What Nmami Agarwal Says

According to Nmami, the protein in your meal helps you in various ways. It is ideal to eat healthy foods as snacks instead of unhealthy foods Your body needs protein to stay healthy and function in the proper manner. Right from playing a significant role in increasing muscle mass and strength to making antibodies to … Read more

Health And Fitness Mistakes Women Need to Stop Making

You look out of shape, have you put on some extra kilos? These are very common things to hear when your weight is on the higher side or let’s just say when you are ‘fat’. While we do say that one needs to be comfortable in their own skin, we forget that society has demarcated … Read more

A Nutritional Vibe | the BIZ

TRAVERSE CITY — First comes the workout, then a tanning session. It’s all followed by a nutritional drink to keep the hunger pangs away until dinner. Interlochen’s Robin Pitkins follows the same schedule multiple times during a seven-day stretch. It’s kind of her vibe. “I’m here about three times a week; Every time I come … Read more

Green Plains in aqua feed tie-up with Riverence Group

The alliance, anticipated to become operational in 2023, will produce trout and salmon feeds for Riverence, utilizing ingredients such as Green Plains’ newly developed product with 60% protein concentration, 60 Pro. The JV will see Green Plains stump up capital and key ingredient services, while Riverence will contribute existing assets and will sign a feed … Read more

Innovative Ways To Include Protein In Your Daily Diet

Eating healthy is often considered boring. Here are some unique innovative ways to add protein to your diet without getting bored of it. Yogurt desserts are a great protein-rich addition to your diet Eating a protein-rich diet daily is very important for the body. Protein helps boost our energy levels, helps build muscles, burn fat, … Read more

Genome research explains why oats could be suitable for most people with celiac disease

Ground-breaking new research published in Nature has decoded the genome of oats and explained why the popular cereal could be suitable for most people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. The findings will also boost Australia’s already world-leading oat industry by providing new insights into varieties which are more nutritious and more resistant to drought … Read more

A Single Hormone That Can Help Increase Lifespan Has Been Identified in Mice

Low-protein diets appear to have incredible benefits for the health and lifespans of rodents, fruit flies, and yeast. A new study in mice has now identified a single hormone that is essential for these curious anti-aging effects. The hormone is called fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21), and it is secreted by the liver. In recent … Read more