What’s this ‘longevity’ diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You may have heard about the longevity diet, and its promise of an extended life span – but what exactly is it and is it any different to other diets promoting good health? The longevity diet is a set of eating recommendations compiled by a biochemist called Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern … Read more

Kim Kardashians “Plant-Based Morning” Is Giving Us Major Healthy Eating Goals

Kim Kardashian enjoys a massive fan following from all over the world. Apart from being a fashionista, she is known for her envious hourglass figure. And, it’s pretty evident that she eats healthy and follows some strict diet plans. Kim Kardashian also prefers to have a nutritious meal right the first thing in the morning. … Read more

‘Start Slowly and be Flexible’

Share on PinterestDrew Barrymore shares how she’s learned to incorporate more plant-based foods into her (and her kids) diet. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Variety Actor and talk show host Drew Barrymore remembers her reaction to reading “Eating Animals” — Jonathan Safran Foer’s seminal book that details what it means to eat animals in our modern … Read more

Kids on a vegetarian diet are no less fit than meat eaters

Amid the increasing magnitude of climate change and health-related concerns, veganism and vegetarianism are on the rise across the globe. A survey conducted in January 2022 reveals that 10 percent of American adults now follow a vegetarian diet. In Canada, more than two million people identify themselves as vegans, whereas more than one-third of the … Read more

Trying to reduce your meat intake? Effective tips to help you go vegetarian

Trying to reduce your meat intake? Effective tips to help you go vegetarian Photo: iStock New Delhi: Meat is great! The juicy, chewy texture that’s loaded with flavor and nutrition makes meat a popular food choice among people. From chicken to fish, animal-based foods are high in protein and can help fulfil their requirements effectively. … Read more