What Is the Bulletproof Diet?

Among the countless diets to choose from, the Bulletproof diet has gained increasing attention. The diet, best known for its namesake Bulletproof coffee, was created in 2014 as a new approach to quickly lose one pound a day. Getty Images The Bulletproof diet shares some similarities with the keto diet and Atkins diet – the … Read more

What Is the Gallbladder Diet? Meal Plan and Food List

Everyone is familiar with heart-healthy diets, but what about gallbladder-healthy diets? There are very few diet and recipe books on the topic, but including nutrient-rich foods in your diet will keep this pear-shaped organ in good health. Certain diets and foods can maintain a healthy gallbladder to help avoid stomach pain from gallstones. (Getty Images) … Read more

Best Diet for Gout: Dos and Don’ts

For centuries, gout was called the “disease of kings” because it was associated with eating rich foods like meat and fish and consuming lots of alcohol. Gout is no longer a disease only affecting aristocrats, but impacts average adults who suffer from unbearable pain and joint swelling caused by the disease. (Getty Images) Gout, or … Read more