What’s this ‘longevity’ diet, and will it really make you live longer?

You may have heard about the longevity diet, and its promise of an extended life span – but what exactly is it and is it any different to other diets promoting good health? The longevity diet is a set of eating recommendations compiled by a biochemist called Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern … Read more

‘No cheat days; my diet has space for chole bhature, kachori, gelato ice cream, malai gehwar’: Taapsee Pannu

There is no denying that Taapsee Pannu is one of the fittest actors in B-Town. But behind that lean physique goes tremendous effort to stay active and eat in a controlled way. It is not surprising when the actor shared that she did not take any steroids to build an athletic body for her role … Read more

Bollywood celebrity trainer mantra: A Yogic lifestyle, with asanas, diet and sleep, can control diabetes

What is your blood sugar level? It is the measure of glucose concentrated in your blood. Yogic science considers devitalisation and improper digestive processes due to over-eating, obesity and lack of exercise as some of the major causes of diabetes. Another causative factor is stress. The push and pull of modern work life demands and … Read more

What can you eat in a gluten-free diet? Does a gluten-free diet offer health benefits?

Everybody wants to switch over to a gluten-free diet, thinking it is the magic formula to self-correct lifestyle diseases like diabetes and manage body weight. With celebrities and Instagram influencers legitimising gluten-free diets as the next big thing, there is a lot of misconception as to when one should go gluten-free, who needs such a … Read more

Juvenile diabetes: Avoid these foods in your child’s diet plan

In juvenile diabetes, a patient’s pancreas stops producing insulin or produces in sufficient quantities. Mothers of these children come to the physician with usual complaints of excessive hunger (polyphagia), excessive thirst (polydipsia), frequent urination (polyurea) and ‘ants moving on urine’ and weight loss. Buy Now | Our best subscription plan now has a special price … Read more

Stay on top of your wellness game with this immunity-strengthening diet plan

The pandemic has made everyone acutely aware of the importance of strengthening one’s immunity by eating clean, sleeping well and exercising daily. Especially in the wake of the new and fast spreading Omicron variantit has become crucial to give make health and well-being top priorities while following Covid-appropriate behaviour. To help simplify the process and … Read more

Weighty issues: A dilemma of diets

‘Operation Shred’, announced Shane Warne determinedly in his last post on Instagram alongside a shirtless image where he is looking slim and muscular. The rest of the caption read, “The goal by July is to go back to this shape.” After Warne’s untimely death, his manager revealed he had been on a 14-day liquid diet. … Read more

How to make your diet more sustainable, healthy or cheap — without giving up nutrients

People choose certain foods or change their diets for a range of reasons: to improve their health, lose weightsave money or due to concerns about sustainability or the way food is produced. Consider the trend towards low-fat products in the 1980s and low-carb diets in the 1990s, and now, the rise in plant-based protein products … Read more