What Is the Bulletproof Diet?

Among the countless diets to choose from, the Bulletproof diet has gained increasing attention. The diet, best known for its namesake Bulletproof coffee, was created in 2014 as a new approach to quickly lose one pound a day. Getty Images The Bulletproof diet shares some similarities with the keto diet and Atkins diet – the … Read more

Looking For The Perfect Lunch Plan Under 400 Calories? Here’s The Idea

Nutritionist Pooja Bhargava shared a good idea for lunch under 400 calories. Healthy Eating: Poha is another healthy and delicious breakfast recipe Planning healthy meals can be a task at times when you are surrounded by oily, greasy food items. A lot of other factors also influence your choice of meals. If you have a … Read more

MELODIE DAVIS: Some ideas on meal planning | News

Second of a three-part series on organizing meal planning. If you’ve read my book “Whatever Happened to Dinner,” you know I’m a big proponent of eating together as a family or couple. My confession is I’ve never been much to plan ahead. I have frequently said I love meal planning, though, during the sweet corn … Read more

Mom’s Meals Delivers Food to Older Adults — Could This Program Save You Time and Money?

yacobchuk / iStock.com Mom’s Meals was founded in 1999 to deliver healthy, microwaveable prepared meals to older adults, people in long-term home care, and others who can benefit from the convenience of affordable heat-and-eat meals. See: How Much Does a Person on Social Security Make?Find: This Credit Score Mistake Could Be Costing Millions Of Americans … Read more

A Generation at Risk: Nearly Half of Global Food Crisis Hungry Are Children, Say World Food Program (WFP), African Union Development Agency NEPAD (New Partnership for African Development), The Education Commission and Education Partners

School-aged children are bearing the brunt of today’s Global Food Crisis with devastating consequences for their education and their ability to catch up on learning lost during COVID school closures, warn the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), the African Union Development Agency NEPAD , and organizations working on education, including the Education Commission chaired … Read more

TravelCenters of America Celebrates Driver Appreciation Month; Announces New Collaboration with Cleveland Clinic

TA to Provide Healthy Food Options and Wellness Resources for Professional Drivers As TravelCenters of America (Nasdaq: TA) celebrates Driver Appreciation Month in September, the company is demonstrating its commitment to professional drivers by providing more options to make healthy choices while on the road. TA announced a collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, one of the … Read more

I don’t think I’ve eaten a single meal at the kitchen table

I love eating. Such a simple but loaded statement. Some may view it as slothful. Others might view it as conspicuously consumptive and vulgar. Some may be visually fatigued by relentless pictures of fetishised dinner plates on their social media feed. They might simply yawn, but regardless of how you feel about anyone’s love of … Read more

Biz Velatini’s new cookbook is full of recipes for single diners with zero leftovers

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to cook for oneself without having to eat the same meal for a week? That’s the impetus for the new cookbook “Cooking for One” written by My Bizzy Kitchen columnist and blogger Biz Velatini of Cary. “Cooking for One” is Velatini’s second cookbook in a series … Read more

Reducing food waste is good for the planet and your wallet. Here’s how to do it more effectively | Health

The statistics are sobering: In the United States, we generate approximately 35 million tons of food waste each year, and as individual families, we waste about 30 percent of the food we buy. For the average four-person household with a monthly food budget of $1000, that’s like throwing $300 straight into the garbage every month. … Read more